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I do not want to include (D:) drive in the image.

I believe I know the cause of this, it's because I have some Directory Junctions and/or Symbolic Links.

Any suggestions other than removing the MKLINKS?

enter image description here

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To find list of services using "D" try this command

FOR /F "tokens=2" %%G IN ('sc query type^= service ^| find /I ^"SERVICE_NAME^"') DO sc qc %%G | find /I "BINARY_PATH_NAME"
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Based on a tweet from @MSAU here.

I believe I found out it was a service, that was installed to D: it was iBackup not sure if I chose it to be installed there or it chose an additional drive as C: was the target of the backup.

Simply uninstalling this removed D: from the list of drives to include in the image.

Tweet snapshot

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Any clues on how to find those services? – Svish Jul 29 '11 at 21:56

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