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How can I kill a process running with in multiple sessions using a bash or powershell script?

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your question and your body state different things, please elaborate your question – freethinker May 19 '11 at 9:51

On Windows-machines with powershell installed, you can just do this:

get-process PROCESS_NAME | stop-process

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Bash alternative

pgrep killus | while read p; do kill -9 $p; done

kills all processes named killus

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Are you looking to automate this, or just to have a tool available where you can manually kill multiple instances of a process by name, regardless of what user session any instance is running in? I'm assuming the latter, and the following should accomplish that.

On Windows, you can't beat Sysinternals' "pskill" utility. Get the SysInternals suite, unpack, and at a command prompt simply use pskill theprocessname to deep-six all instances of the corresponding executable.

The following bash script would provide similar functionality on Linux; I'll leave it to the user to figure out how to loop it until no more instances exist:

if [ $1 -eq ""]; then
echo "Usage : ./ <process name>"
get_proc=`ps -e -o pid,command | grep $1`
echo $get_proc > get_it
get_pid=`gawk -F" " '{ print $1 }' get_it`
kill -9 $get_pid

(Script lifted directly from, but pasting it here for posterity because I hate finding dead links in answers on StackExchange sites.)

Hope this helps!

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