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This morning when I tried to boot up Fedora 14 I ran into some problems.

I used it fine last night, and nothing has changed since then.

When I boot up F14, it would go to a black screen and sit there and never booted the GUI. I tried running startx and it returned a No Monitors Found fatal error. I've spent a couple hours going through the obvious stuff... but I'm still stuck.

I have:

  • Ran X -configure
  • Reinstalled the ATI fglrx drivers
  • Plugged in a monitor
  • Uninstalled the ATI drivers
  • Ran aticonfigure --initial
  • Rebooted several times

Still nothing. So, after uninstalling the ATI drivers I'm stuck at the blue Fedora loading screen. It fills up the progress bar/"F" and loads to the blue screen but never lets me login. I also cannot access Ctrl-Alt 1-7.

Any idea what is going on here? Nothing has changed... it's driving me crazy.

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