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Is there a way wherein we can start a screen, execute a command and detach it without actually entering into the screen? something like

screen -[some option] [command tobe executed]

I need this because i have about 100 files that each have different input files and i need to run each on a screen and if the above is possible all i need to do is create a shell script..

Is there an option in screen that would let me do this?

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You can run screen in detached mode by using the -d -m option, eg.

screen -d -m some_cmd
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thanks.. but what if i want to redirect the output to a file? like screen -d -m sudo ./mycode &>output but this just gives a blank file and the output is actually displayed inside the screen.. – Prasanth Madhavan May 20 '11 at 7:28

Try tmux ( It is much more suited to be used in this manner. Screen is optimized for interactive usage.

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