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When I export movie to High definition in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, the sound volume differs about 40% from it's original, i.e. it is very low. While the volume slider in the audio options is up to it's max.

How can I prevent that Movie Maker decreases/normalizes the volume level, or increase it in the project file or program itself?

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Assuming this is what you've already tried, your other option is to use VirtualDub. The only other suggestion is to use a program like VLC media player to amplify the audio with its own volume control as it plays.

  1. Install VirtualDub
    1. Download the latest stable version of VirtualDub from here
    2. Un-zip the folder
    3. Open VirualDub.exe
  2. Add the video
    1. Click on File --> Open video file... and open the original video file
    2. Click on Video --> Direct stream copy
  3. Modify the audio
    1. Click on Audio --> Full processing mode
    2. Click on Audio --> Volume...
    3. Check Adjust volume of audio channels
    4. Drag slider to desired amplification
    5. Click OK
  4. Export the video and audio
    1. Click on File --> Save as AVI...
    2. Choose destination location and filename
    3. Click Save
    4. Let the video finish encoding

If your video file is not supported by VirtualDub, you could try Handbrake

  1. Install Handbrake
    1. Download Handbrake from here
    2. Open the installer
  2. Transcode the video
    1. Open Handbrake
    2. Click Source --> Video File and locate your original video file
    3. Click Open
    4. Choose a destination with the Browse button
    5. In the preset panel, select High Profile
    6. Click the Audio tab and adjust the DRC to the desired level
    7. Click Start
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Handbrake is the one to use with windows live movie maker – RedEyedMonster Feb 21 '13 at 22:19

I have three versions of Movie Maker installed on my Windows 8 laptop and usually edit in MM 6.0. In that case, I've taken to using KMPlayer to capture (that's the menu it's under) the audio so I can then boost the volume in Audacity, export it from there as an MP3 (you can also export wavs and several other formats) and then finally import that version into Movie Maker. Tedious, but it works, and sometimes there's no other choice. Sometimes just capturing the audio with KM Player is enough, though, and then it can just be imported into movie maker.

Movie Maker 2.6 seems to play the existing audio louder than MM6.0 or Live does. Try to edit the same file with all three versions and 2.6 is the only one that starts with an option to make the audio even louder. The slider on the other two versions is already at the max, so if your audio is too low, there's no way to increase it there.

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I see it's a bit late but apparently I found how to fix that, Check this video And from what it shows on 00:40, move the slider to the right to make it use ONLY the audio from the music!

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While this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. – Cfinley Mar 30 '15 at 20:19

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