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What I need is, given a process id, list all his children without any clutter (table header, other columns than the pid)

What I have is :

ps h --ppid $PID

Which gives me:

26277 pts/13   S+     0:10 cmd1
26280 pts/13   S+     0:10 cmd2

Using h allow me to hide the table header.

Is there a way to tell ps to not print the pts/13 S+ 0:10 cmd part in order to get a list of children process ids separated by carriage return?

Thank you!

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This should work:

ps h --ppid $PID -o pid
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Thank you, it works :) I thought of using -o before, but in my tests ps threw me a syntax error. (I think I had concurrent switches when I tried it...). – katsuo11 May 20 '11 at 13:44

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