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My IT department has a home grown support center application that we have outgrown. We are looking for a single application that we can use across the entire department (PC Support, Networking, and Applications) to manage issues and calls.

What we would like: - Knowledge Base or wiki - The ability to group issues in buckets based by department and then by project so we can reporting at all levels.
- Have business users setup so we can assign tickets to them.
- Prioritization of tasks so users can work issues from top to bottom. - Good search functionality - SQL Server - Windows authentication would be a plus.

I have used Mantis BT in the past and it would probably do what we need it to do but we are not a PHP/MySQL shop so it is not a good fit.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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Thanks everyone for the answers. We will review these and I'll update everyone once we have made a decision. – user82167 May 26 '11 at 13:19

At work we use GLPI with OCS inventory. We are running it on Ubuntu Linux with MySQL.

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RT: Request Tracker should be able to do all that you need.

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This looks like what we are looking for but this doesn't fit our technology stack. However, if we can't find an equivalent IIS/SQL I may look more into this one. – user82167 May 26 '11 at 13:22

We use Fogbugz where I work, seems to work fairly well. You might be able to use Bugzilla as a free solution.

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I've really liked Axosoft's OnTime product. It gives you everything you were talking about, plus some additional stuff you might want to leverage down the road. The price is reasonable too (including a free single user licesnse option).

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I have used TrackIT in the past and it worked very well. AD integrated and users can submit their own tickets online. Plenty or reports and abilty to build your own. Knowledge base and inventory.

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