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Are there any Add-ons for Firefox OR Google Chrome that prevents links loading when not on

Why? - tracking - security

So if someone clicks on a link that points to then it shouldnt load, only the "someone" was on
I can't find an add-on that does this, or even one with ~~similar functions.

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do you mean "don't follow a clicked link if it points to facebook" or "don't load or display scripts and images from facebook" – horatio May 20 '11 at 17:44

Here is a more targeted addon for Firefox you might find useful: FacebookBlocker

That should go a fair way in blocking Facebook stuff on sites on than Facebook.

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The Firefox Noscript extension ( does this nicely. This extension, however, affects many other things and you won't like it unless you are willing to spend some time enabling sites you want to function fully.

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