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I am about to try a dual boot set up. I just got my Windows XP CD in the mail. So from what I understand it seems fairly simple.

However, I run my set up in RAID 0 and during the XP install I see this prompt asking to install 3rd party SCSI drivers. I somehow remember this being important and know that Windows 7 handles it automatically so it's never been an issue. My question is where do I find the SCSI Drivers I need for my dual raptor 10k rpm hard drivers and what is the best way to install them?

Is this something I should be concerned with or does it matter?

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I believe that if XP setup can see your hard drives, you don't need to install anything. If XP can't see your hard drives, you have a bigger issue. Whoever manufactured your SATA controller would have to provide you with the appropriate drivers, and you could then follow the procedure that came with them to make a floppy appropriate for Windows XP.

If you don't have a floppy drive, there are some ways around that - for example, there's a tutorial on inserting drivers onto the Windows XP cd here.

I'm assuming that you're using SATA, not parallel or serial SCSI drives, but the procedure would be the same in the case of a SCSI controller.

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