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I have a lot of Midlets (Java apps, *.jar, for mobile phones) and I would like to test in my computer before using on my mobile.

There are some programs (like MidpX) that can emulate some of them, but I have a lot with different screen sizes and some use web access, camera and bluetooth and read some data from flash card - they normally cannot be emulated in MidpX.

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One possibility is MicroEmulator :

This is Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator. Allows demonstrate MIDlet based applications in web browser applet, also can be run as standalone java application.

MicroEmulator is a pure Java implementation of Java ME in Java SE. MicroEmulator is licensed under LGPL so it is possible to link and distribute commercial software with its libraries.

Some more projects are :

App Runner - Run Any Java/J2ME/MIDP NATIVELY

Kemulator - KDE emulator frontend written in C++ using the QT/KDE toolkit.

Kwyshell Midp2EXE Free J2ME/MIDP Jar File Emulator - converts MIDP application to Win32 PE format, to be run on Windows.

Mpowerplayer - freeware desktop based MIDP 2.0 emulator for computers that allows preview, play and test JAR/JAD based Java J2ME mobile games and applications on the desktop PC in a virtualized environment with full internet access from the host’s network connection, available here.

Android J2ME Runner for Android 1.0, G1 or Emulator.

(not having the right development environment, I can't verify that this fulfills all your needs)

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I thought it is designed only to show Midlet apps on a browser, like OperaMini simulator (, but I saw that you can create a JNLP, installing the applet in your computer. Ok for internet access, but I don't know how to put it to function. Well, we can choose six different screen sizes. I don't know if there is support to simulate camera, bluetooth and flash card... +1 for mentioning and giving some hope... – kokbira Jun 26 '11 at 15:53
I have added some more, but it is just google-work for "MIDP Emulator". Apparently there are heaps of those, but I can't tell which one is the best for you (or for anybody else...). – harrymc Jun 26 '11 at 18:53
I use Kwyshell Midp2EXE. Is is nice but does not have what I want. I'll try other solutions... – kokbira Jun 27 '11 at 16:00
App Runner: for Android (or with Android emulator); Kemulator: for Linux (does it function for Midlets?); Mpowerplayer: the best until now (an warning screen is so boring for touch games, no bluetooth and I do not know where data is saved or if we can emulate flash cards, but is is a ready package - install and use - and it can connect to web => better than Kwyshell's); Android J2ME Runner: idem for App Runner (they are the same?). But I'll wait for more answers to see if there is a better solution... – kokbira Jun 27 '11 at 16:56
ok, your answer does not solve all problems, but Mpowerplayer is good enough. – kokbira Jun 30 '11 at 6:02

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