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I have Windows XP on C:, and installed Wubi Ubuntu 10.10 on D:\ubuntu.

I encountered a power interruption while using XP. When the power got back, I booted into Ubuntu, detected the Windows wasn't properly shutdown, fixed it, and went on to boot Ubuntu just fine.

Then the next day, I wasn't able to boot into ubuntu. Did chkdsk on D: since a folder I was trying to copy files into (when the power went out) got corrupted.

XP is fine, but Ubuntu still won't boot. After trying lots of solutions that didn't work, I just found out that the whole /ubuntu/disks/ folder is gone.

So, before doing system restore, will it restore my root.disk? Thank you.

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Better asked on superuser; but i'm afraid not, system restore only monitors those directories/files required to recover windows into a working state, its not a disk imaging/backup feature – Alex K May 21 '11 at 13:49
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Windows XP System Restore monitors only a list of file extensions defined in %SystemRoot%\system32\Restore\filelist.xml, and DISK is not in it.

If you find a way to run explorer /separate as the "SYSTEM" user, you can browse C:\System Volume Information for files of the same size as your root.disk, but it's unlikely to be there.

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