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I'm trying to find the hidden folder .uncrustify but I don't know where it is. How can I find this folder? I'm trying to do the following but I can't find the hidden folder .uncrustify

Examine the example config files in etc and/or read
Copy the existing config file that closely matches your style and put in
~/.uncrustify/.  Modify to your liking.
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The ~ in ~/.uncrustify/ means your home directory. For example, if your Unix username is "lampshade", then the full path is likely to be /home/lampshade/.uncrustify/, but many programs accept the short form too.

If the directory does not exist, create it.

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It's in your home folder?

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is that really a question? – Matt Ellen May 21 '11 at 23:01

try this

sudo find / -name .uncrustify
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ls -lR |grep .uncrustify

but you also might want to 'cd' to your root if you want to scan your whole computer

cd /
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