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I have two Windows 7 machines: one is a laptop that I use regularly and the other is a desktop that's hooked up to a large TV and some nice speakers. I want to use VNC to project my laptop onto the large screen. For movies and presentations and whatnot.

I know there are plenty of programs that will handle the video, but what about audio? Based on my searches, only Windows Remote Desktop supports audio -- but it requires the server device to be logged out. This is no good, since my laptop is the server in this case and I want to use its mouse and keyboard!

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VNCs are in general not meant for streaming, you should natively stream with VLC instead.

As for presentations, why not copy the file over and run it on the remote desktop?

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Good suggestions, but I really just want a wireless external display. I'm not looking to have an extra keyboard and mouse sitting on my coffee table. I could eliminate the desktop's role entirely by running an HDMI cable between the TV and my laptop -- but then the solution is no longer wireless. – nialsh May 22 '11 at 7:29
@nialsh: You don't need those at your coffee table if you do what I said? :/ – Tom Wijsman May 22 '11 at 9:03

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