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I'm trying to play some Xvid video files on a Creative Zen MX.

According to Wikipedia, "Video must not exceed the player's dimensions at 320 × 240 pixels".

What software can I use to convert the video down in dimensions? I'm having trouble Googling for a solution because I'm not sure as to the correct terminology - downscale, convert, shrink?

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My suggestion would be to use that one. It's available for Windows, OS X and Linux as well. It's free, open-source, supports threading and relies on the popular ffmpeg video codec library.

You can of course adjust the size of the output video, but if you're lazy you can probably also use one of its built-in presets. There are probably some for 320x240 since it's a standardized video resolution typically found in mobile devices.

If you go manual, your main settings will be:

  • Video - Video codec: MPEG-4 (ffmpeg)
  • Video - Framerate: Same as source
  • Picture Settings - Size (see picture below, something like this)

enter image description here

Note that the window could look different for Windows. You can also check the result with a preview window to make sure that there is no distortion.


This is a free Windows only tool that also wraps the ffmpeg codec library into a GUI. It therefore has the same features, but I find the interface rather ugly and the workflow is not as polished.

The settings should roughly be the same. For the output codec, choose MPEG-4. Under Video Scale Size, choose 320x240.

Here at the bottom of the page is the download link, just for convenience because it's really really hard to find on the website and direct links don't work.

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Thanks, I'll have a look at both. Am I going mad or is there no download link for Super? Its site just goes round in circles directing me to other things... – bcmcfc May 24 '11 at 21:20
@bcmcfc Yeah, the site's kinda.. well.. I added the link at the bottom of my answer. Hope that helps! – slhck May 24 '11 at 21:30

You could look at the process I described here for Windows using AviSynth in response to another question for changing the size of video files. What programme you use for the encoding is really up to you. A couple of options (in order of personal preference):

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The tools I've used are Handbrake, SUPER and XmediaRecode. all will do what you want. In XmediaRecode there are pre-sets for various devices including some of the Zen models.

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