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Is there a software that you can recommend that lets you doodle or add annotation in screenshot?

I need to be productive to my web-developer if I'm doing some instruction or comment on his websites. Example, I print-screen his website from internet Explorer and I neeed to add some comment, some arrows or highlights etc. So it would be much easier for me to give instruction or elaborate.

Is there a software you can recommend? I would go for Photoshop because It just make a simple job complicated. I need a software that is more catered in that job.

I'm running on Windows 7. I usually do print-screen on Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

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What OS do you want to do this on? –  Wuffers May 22 '11 at 22:35

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For Mac, either LittleSnapper (My favorite), or Skitch.

For Windows, SnagIt is great, or Screenshot Captor.

For Linux, I like Shutter.

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thanks so much! I'll be using snagit, looks nice. –  Pennf0lio May 22 '11 at 23:07

If you're on Mac OS X, I'd suggest using Skitch. It does exactly what you describe, lets you take screenshots and annotate them.

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Assuming its windows, paint.net - add a new layer, do whatever you need to, set layer transparency if needed, then save. It also has a nice simple way to do arrows.

Any basic drawing app could do what you need tho.

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