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I am developing on my local machine and I need to have a browser run on one host file and another browser run on a different host file.

One browser would run a host file to redirect to my local machine. The second browser would run a host file to redirect to a external product server.

Is this possible?

Btw, I can't rename the local machine to lets say

I'm running mac os x

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Caveat: I know many Unices, but not Darwin/MacOS Xvery well, so some of the details may differ...

You have a few options to achieve your aim, though not necessarily by the method you describe:

  • run a virtual machine for the second browser
  • run a 'virtualised applcation' for the second browser (I do not know what, if any, application-virtualisation options exist for MacOS X)
  • run a second browser in a chrooted environment, though you would need to populate the chroot with a lot of bits of the OS for something like a graphical browser to run
  • configure one browser to use a proxy running on another machine which has different lookup information
  • hook something which alters the response of a gethostbyname() call, e.g. LD_PRELOAD=/my/special/ /path/to/browser (the browser, like any other application does not, AIUI, read /etc/hosts directly, instead it calls gethostbyname() which is handled by libresolv which will read /etc/hosts or talk to DNS servers or other name-lookup facilities)

There might be 'sandboxed' browsers for MacOS X, usually intended for security however they might be based on an abstraction layer between browser and OS that gives you a useful starting point.

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+1 for running a virtual machine with the second browser. I actually find it useful to have a virtual machine running the exact same setup as the live machine so I'm sure it will work in both places. – Scott Keck-Warren May 23 '11 at 12:15

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