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(this is not a duplicatted thread from Is it OK to install 32 bit programs in "Program Files" on 64 bit windows instead of "Program Files (x86)? im considering that im doing a question looking for another answear)

So, i need to recompile my code to x64 plataform or, if i change the app path Windows will work on it with 64 bits?

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No, a 64bit executable is a 64bit executable is a 64bit executable. The two separate directories exist to make it easier to maintain a 32 bit and 64 bit copy of an application, as far as I can tell.

You will need to recompile your things for 64bit, as the location of an executable makes no difference to how it is executed.

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As you need to recompile a 32 to 64 windows driver you will need to do the same for a application, all variables from your code will need to readapt to the new 64 reality.

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