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I have printed a couple of files and lpstat shows that they are completed. But the output is something like this:

# lpstat -W completed -l

Canon-1                 root           1086464   Sat May 21 22:47:03 2011
Alerts: job-canceled-by-user
queued for Canon
Canon-2                 root            337920   Mon May 23 20:18:02 2011
Alerts: job-canceled-by-user
queued for Canon
CanonWin-3              root             17408   Mon May 23 20:29:40 2011
Alerts: job-completed-successfully
queued for CanonWin`

How can i get names of files which has been printed? P.S. Is there is any bash-script which allows me to get names of all files which has been printed?

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use "lpq JOB_ID", where JOB_ID is the number 1,2,3 (in your example). or see http://localhost:631/jobs/ and the Name field

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but with this name you can`t get an absolute path of a printed file - those files are the temp-files in /var/spool/cups (d00001, etc) – kanner Nov 30 '11 at 9:20
Man, i even do not remember why i'v faced this problem. But thanks anyway. – Grook Dec 2 '11 at 15:41

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