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I’ve been searching for a Linux console (e.g. bash) program that offers the instant messenger functionality of Skype.

What I really do not need is microphone/call/listening functionality. Just the messaging.

Is such a program out there? Maybe I could write my own GUI. So I’d also take an available library that can handle Skype. Although a fully functional program would be preferred.

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Skype is not open source, and not only that, there are some patents on their stuff. I am not sure, anybody would put any energy in reverse-engineering their stuff since there is ekiga which is open source. – txwikinger Aug 24 '09 at 14:51
ICQ is not open source either. is what I use for that. And with ekiga I can't talk to other Skype users, which would be the point. :) – StampedeXV Aug 25 '09 at 6:17

Finch is a CLI companion to Pidgin. I guess Pidgin’s—or rather libpurple’s Skype plugin will work. It works for me on Adium, which is based on libpurple on a Mac.

The drawback of the plugin is you have to actually run Sykpe in the background. If you just want to chat in an xterm that's fine. Without a physical X11 display you can still do this with Xvnc or Xvfb. Skype will ask for confirmation before it allows the plugin to access its remote API though, so you need a display of some sort—physical or [Xvnc]and a client somewhere with display—the first time you use this.

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As @Zillion wrote before, Pidgin has skype plugin. But you still need Skype running in the background. So if you will create or find somewhere such command line application - it still needs running skype in the background.

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pidgin can be runned as a CLI app so maybe the skype plugin it is will work also with the same limitations ...

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Skype is a proprietary program,you'll have to use it as it is,and since they do not provide a CLI version of the program,then you'll have to run the GUI version

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No there is not, Skype can only be run with GUI.

share|improve this answer is a web-based client for different IMs, and also Skype.

So it is in fact possible to write your own GUI for Skype, for all of you who were in doubt :).

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2 is 'under the radar', as others have said Skype is opposed to this so if gets big they might get smacked down. – beggs Aug 28 '09 at 8:57
It is also working on android phones. – StampedeXV Feb 24 '12 at 10:13

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