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How to make it so that pidgin is always on top and always on all visible workspaces in Gnome, no matter if I restart it or not?

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I used to use devilspie to do this. Been a while though.

From the aboved linked page:

1) Install Devil's Pie (a small window-matching utility)

yum install devilspie
# or
yum install gdevilspie

2) Create gcalctool.ds file in ~/.devilspie directory and put the following lines:

    (is (application_name) "gcalctool")

3) Set Devil's Pie to startup on user login in session manager open Sessions preferences and add startup program System -> Preferences -> Personal -> Sessions [Add]

# fill the input fields:
Name    -> Devil's Pie
Command -> /usr/bin/devilspie
Comment -> gcalctool stays on top

The described procedure about making windows "always on top" is not crucial, but I hope it is helpful.

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