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If I create a shortcut on my Desktop using

Right Click < New < Shortcut

Then entering am address like is there anyway for this to grab the favicon used and use it for the icon on desktop automatically or is this not possible?

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Save your icon image(s) as .png format, then use this tool to compile them into a single .ico file:

  png2ico - PNG to icon converter (Linux, Unix, GNU, Windows, ...)

The beauty of this tool (and tools like it) are that it can save multiple sizes in a single .ico file so that the destination can display the size that fits best (e.g., if a user enlarges the icon view, the higher resolution size can be displayed instead of the tiny one enlarged for a better quality image).

This is a command-line tool, which is also nice for automation purposes, but also because then you have complete control over what's going on, which is not always typical of GUIs.

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