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Possible Duplicate:
How do I enable VT-X?

I was designing games in unity with some friends but none of us have a Mac so none of us can download the Apple SDK. To use the SDK, we will have to run a virtual machine with OSX on it. Virtualization is disabled on most PCs by default and I was wondering if there was any way to change that without rebooting into the BIOS. If not, how would I change it in the BIOS?

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Look for the "Virtualization" or "VT" option in your BIOS and enable it. You'll normally have to do this before the Operating System boots.

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You don't need VT to virtualise unless you're running a 64 bit VM on a 32 bit system. I'd note tho that you can't 'just' install OS X in a VM on a windows/linux system since it detects that you're running on hardware that isn't made by apple.

Of course, there's ways to but hackintoshes are out of the scope of superuser.

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