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I have limited use of a computer at the library. I need to download the files that will allow my USB drive to be bootable to fix my broken Netbook - Aspire One which will not boot. I know how to set the BIOS to look for it. With all the restrictions on the library comptuer I can not even upack, unzip or untar, I can only download files directly to my flash drive. This is probably an nearly impossible question given the circumstances/restrictions.

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You're going to need a computer with more access to solve this problem unless you can burn a .ISO to a CD-ROM that you can use for booting. Of course, if you have the original Windows OS CD-ROM, then you should be able to use that to get into repair mode.

The first thing you should do though is to get a backup image of your laptop's hard drive to maximize your chances of recovering your data, but for this you're going to need another computer. I like this program a lot as it handles bad sectors really well:

  Drive Snapshot Disk Imaging

If you can burn a CD, this web site will most likely be the most helpful to you:

  Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD

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