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Windows 7 has built-in keyboard shortcuts of Windows+1, Windows+2 .. Windows+9, Windows+0 which allow to easily switch to the application whose Index in the Taskbar is the one used in the combination.
This is very nice for the 1st and 2nd application, and even the 3rd - but what happens when I want to open the Application with Index #7? I actually need to count and see if it is #7 which makes the shortcut less friendly.

I thought of editing the Icon of each application pinned to the Taskbar and add a number to it with its index, but that seems annoying to do and does not support none-pinned applications.

Does Windows 7 support some kind of "highlighting" of the application's index when I hold the Windows key like it does for menus when I hold the Alt key?

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There is currently no easy way of highlighting/adding a number to the taskbar. An alternative way of doing it, if you always have a lot of application open, is to put the number on the wallpaper so that it approximately shows the numbering above each application when the taskbar is all filled with icons.

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