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I am looking for a Outlook 2010 add-in which will allow me to save attachments for selected messages for FREE.

I already paid for Outlook 2010 and do not pay more money for this add-in.

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I'm not aware of any add-ins, but it should be possible to write a VBA macro/script in Outlook to do this. Would recommend some experience in programming though if you wanted to give it a go. –  Spectre May 24 '11 at 14:38

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There are a number of free utilities that offer some of the functionality you require:

Outlook Attachment Remover

I can offer no advice on how reliable/usable these are as I personaly use EZdetach from TechHit which is superb - albeit not free. However, EZDetach and their Simplyfile tool together save me hours every week. Well worth the small price tag.

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I was also looking for some add-in or utility that could help me save attachments of selected emails in Outlook 2010 but for free. I found OutlookAttachView after some googling. It's not Outlook add-in and a standalone utility but worked great for me. I tried its 64-bit version when I tested it.

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