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I know this isn't strictly Ubuntu related, but lately I've had to do some work on a Windows 7 machine and dearly miss the ability to hold alt and move/resize windows the same way it's done on Ubuntu. Any chance there is a Windows 7 alternative to this?

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I found a semi-workable solution using the program StrokeIt. Right now I have it set so that to move a window all I have to do is have the mouse cursor over some part of it and then press right click + middle click. I can do this by making a "Send Keystrokes" command using the following value: [ALT_DOWN][SPACE][ALT_UP]M[LEFT]

And setting the gesture itself to "MBUTTON_DOWN".

You could probably do something similar for resizing.

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Win-X-Move => hold Alt + RMB

It's a small iconified tool running in systray only providing an option to define resize and move commands. Put it in Programs -> Startup directory to have it available after every bootup.

written by John Tsiombikas, also available here 2

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A brief description of the program and who maintains it (in case the link breaks) would be nice – Tog Jul 31 '13 at 13:38
there you go... – Gerold Meisinger Aug 2 '13 at 15:33

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