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I have been able to connect various Android devices to MS Exchange Server 2003. Usually I put in the server address:

I put in my email address, username, password and it just works.

I do not believe it is using POP or SMTP, it must be connecting through OWA or .. ?

When I put in the server address to Apple Mail (OS X 10.6.7) it fails to connect.

Any suggestions?

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Are you sure you're using Exchange as account type? – slhck May 24 '11 at 17:15
yes. As I understand it, the issue is that Mail and even the latest Office for Mac will work with Exchange Server 2007, but 2003 is difficult or not possible. I tried all sorts of things and could never get it to work. – Scott Szretter Jun 15 '11 at 10:21
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I did finally come up with a work-around - I used DavMail. Basically you install it, type in the server address and other information and I set it up as imap in mail. It seems to work fine and has been working fine now for a couple weeks. DavMail has to be running of course.

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