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My laptop was working correctly two days earlier, then suddenly there was a core-dump and the system restarted.

When it started the display was not coming on correctly. It is now showing the same display four times on the screen. I tried to change the screen resolution and restored the system from the backup. However nothing worked.

Could it be a Virus? Is it a problem with the LCD display? Or could it be device drivers. I even tried to update display drivers, but the problem is resolved.

What should I try next?

Below are the screenshots of my problem:

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Looks like Microsoft has finally implemented multiple workspace feature available on Linux desktops. I bet they are about to patent it. – vitaut May 24 '11 at 16:40
@VishaL: What is the make of your video card? – Adam Prax May 24 '11 at 17:01

Looks like your video card is going bad. This is a known problem on HP laptops of that model (or at least what I can guess is your model from the picture.)

Google search for HP pavilion dv recall will gather a lot of info for you.

Generally this is the video card over heating/burning up

Its related to nvidia cards specificly, and the way the heatsink is designed doesnt pass heat properly after a certain amount of time.

HP no longer warranties against this, they only extended it for a year. It is no longer covered. Best of luck.

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