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I like having the pager enabled for git log for example, but not git diff because I have my own visual diff tool that comes up, and I hate having to hit 'q' at the command line after the diff is done with. Is there a way to do this?

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You can set the pager.diff configuration variable to disable the pager for specific subcommands. See pager.<cmd> in git-config(1).

git config --global pager.diff false

Leave out --global if you only want to make this configuration change for the current repository.

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Not a great solution, but you could have a git wrapper which determines what command you are running and pipes the output through cat to eliminate the terminal detection.

case "$1" in)
  diff) git "$@" | cat;;
  *) exec git "$@";;

Of course my example program is entirely braindead. You would need to skip over options instead of hard-coding "$1" in the program.

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