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I routinely connect to different networks at work, home etc. currently I'm managing these via wpa_supplicant. I'm on freebsd9 (CURRENT)

I'm wondering if there is a way to use some sort of interactive menu to select what network I want to try to connect to during boot

in arch Linux, the netcfg-menu tool solves this

is there any similar tool for freebsd?

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If you really want to choose by hand, try the net-mgmt/wifimgr port. I haven't used it myself, but this FreeBSD Forums thread suggests it.

But really, if you want it to "just work" (by selecting the right network, in a context-aware fashion), you can use this idiom in /etc/rc.conf[.local]:

ifconfig_myint0="DHCP WPA"

(where myint0 is your wireless network interface).

This will automatically connect you to networks listed in your wpa_supplicant config.

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