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Hey there. I have downloaded a MS-DOS 6.22 OS, added few .exe files, and I'd like to burn them into bootable disk. All the solutions I found burn the OS to floppy, or uses floppy images on CD's. Problem is that my disk is approx. 4MB which is greater than a floppy image max size. I need to somehow make a CD-R which is bootable.

The OS itself is fully working, however it is NOT bootable when I burn it. How can I make it bootable? (UltraISO can load "boot file". How can I create such thing?)

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One of the solutions that I can think of is make a bootable CD using bootable DOS floppy image. Configure the bootable dos floppy such that it would load the appropriate drivers for the CD-drive, so that you can access the CD from within your booted DOS environment. A good starting point would be reading through:

I recently created a 32MB bootable USB disk based on the above mentioned instructions.

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