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I need one of two things to work:

  1. I use robocopy to copy all sub-files and sub-folders from one folder to another, and the destination contains older files + files not in the source, and I need the files from the source to overwrite destination if present. The problem with this approach is read-only files.

    robocopy .... /E /NP /njh /njs /ndl /nc /ns /IA:R /IA:A /A-:R
  2. I might use the windows command attrib but that does not remove the read-only flag for sub-files.

    attrib -r <path-to-folder> /S /D

    I might use it without the last two arguments as well.

Note: UAC is completely disabled and I am the owner of the files.

I cannot use xcopy as that does not work in bjam for me, and I don't have all the paths for all the files: I only have parent source folder and parent destination folder. The hierarchy must remain.

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