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Just like e.g. people can press Ctrl+P when running a VirtualBox guest, it can pause the guest, after pressing again Ctrl+P it will continue right there where it was stopped. Are there any command line commands on Windows/Linux where I can do the same with a process? (the process is e.g.: Firefox, etc.)
Thank you!

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For Windows, you want PsSuspend. The utility demands a PID, which is a column you can add in Task Manager.

For Linux, seconding the above. kill -STOP and kill -CONT.

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Also with the Process Explorer tool (also by Sysinternals), you can do this in one step from the GUI. Process Explorer can also be configured to show a lot more information than the standard task manager. – Spectre May 25 '11 at 14:55

pstop will generally work on Linux and other Unixes which implement /proc-based process control (many System Vs, almost no BSDs); kill -TSTP (-TSTP should be used with interactive processes; -STOP may be better for daemons) will work on most modern Unixes. The reverse operation is prun or kill -CONT, respectively. Note that these are not necessarily equivalent; on Solaris they are entirely distinct operations.

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Not aware of a command line tool but on windows if you install AnVir Task Manager Free you can select a task and suspend it, then resume at a later time.

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