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  • Win XP SP3 connected to the internet from a USB modem on an 845GBV board
  • Win 7 x64 with an on-board realtek chip

What I want to try:

  • Setup a NIC on the 845 GBV board
  • Use the slackware installed on virtual box to be the gateway for my second box from the NIC card
  • Subsequently make this a 2-node cluster (perhaps beowulf/knoppix just to play with BOINC to begin with) running Slack on the other box (that currently runs Win 7 x64)

My concern:

  • Is this feasible?
  • Could this arrangement Win XP(USB) > Slack (Virtual box/Ethernet) > Windows 7 x64 (Ethernet) damage my hardware?
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Huh? You've lost me somewhere. Could you perhaps draw a diagram? – Iszi May 25 '11 at 18:24
@Iszi: 1) I want to try my hand at a cluster 2) Have only 2 machines in hand both of which run Windows 3) One of these I intend to provide with another hard-drive which shall run linux exclusively. The other must run linux on virtual box. Can I tunnel from linux to linux on virtual-box , and then use the internet connection on the virtual box host? – Everyone May 26 '11 at 6:35

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