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When running Compiz (Linux), let say I'm on Desktop #1 and I have an application running on Desktop #3. Is it possible to take a screenshot of the window (not the entire desktop) running on #3 from #1 ?

Well, I don't really expect anyone to answer this cause I've searched the entire net but I would feel guilty for not giving it a try.

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I use Ksnapshot on my Multi monitor setup. Allows for "window under cursor" and "region" amongst others.

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Ksnapshot - you mean – Sathya Aug 31 '09 at 12:54
Corrected, Thank you – shaiss Aug 31 '09 at 22:00

Shutter can do this. As shown below, just select from the dropdown list the window you want. The list contains all apps currently running.


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Why is compiz pertinent to this question?

If it's because you're having rendering issues (with opengl/video overlays) and you're using Intel graphics, grab the latest driver and switch your graphics mode to UXA in xorg.conf .. that might help.

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If you know the id of the window, you can use

import -window <id>

To get the id of the window, you can use xprop.

However, although running with a composite manager should help in your case, it may still be possible that the data you obtain will simply be corrupted.

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Using ImageMagick you can use import

import -window root MyScreenshot.png

Use another ID for the other window.

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