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The list of media servers on Wikipedia is a bit overwhelming and I've had experience with firefly not being well maintained with regards to keeping up with newer standards. My specific need is being able to access media content from laptops (Windows 7 and Linux) and a Samsung TV with DLNA. I've considered MediaTomb, but since I haven't yet bought the TV I want, I would like to choose media server software which would work when I get the TV (considering Samsung LE40C755). MediaTomb hasn't had a release for over a year, but not sure if this is a problem. Support for PS3 would be OK, but no show stopper.

Any feedback from people with experience setting up media server with similar requirements would be appreciated.

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Have personally found mediatomb fine as long as you don't mind editing the config.XML for mimetypes (eg. MKV or M4V). You can also add your own transcoding scripts in there for specific formats. Have also used PS3media server in the past with good results ps3mediaserver.org –  James May 25 '11 at 21:09

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I have some experience in using of minidlna server under FreeBSD for such purposes. It's pretty simple in installing and configuring and work perfectly with Windows 7 Media Player.

root@crappy:[/root]# uname -mrs
FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE amd64

root@crappy:[/root]# pkg_info | grep dlna
minidlna-2010.12.12_2 Media-server compatible with "Digital Life Network Alliance

You should try it.

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I have the (commercial) Twonky Media Server for Linux running out of the Box under the Linux emulation layer with FreeBSD 8 and 9.

There are some log entries concerning missing API calls and every few months it coredumps and requires a restart, but nevertheless it's working fine for serving FLAC files to my Linn Klimax DS (renew).

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I'm in the process of testing serviio and it should work. In fact, it's already in the ports.

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