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Possible Duplicate:
Linux keylogger without root or sudo! Is it real?

Is it possible for a malicious website to install a key logger on my Ubuntu desktop?

If so, how can I detect and deactivate the key logger?

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As long as you are not running as root user it should not be possible. – Keith May 26 '11 at 0:40
even on home folder/browser? – alfi May 26 '11 at 0:48
A key logger would have to hook into the kernel event device, or X messages. Regular users don't have permissions to do that. – Keith May 26 '11 at 1:19
@Keith: False, see xinput. – cYrus Aug 9 '12 at 21:55
@cYrus That is for X windows, and X runs as root. It's basically acting as a proxy. The actual device node is usually protected from non-root access. – Keith Aug 9 '12 at 22:25
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It is possible, though unlikely. It would be more likely to have a repository that is hacked to include a keylogger.

For more information, see this answer

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One obvious way: hack the Ubuntu repositories and add a keylogger component to, say, the Xorg package. – CarlF Jun 24 '11 at 13:25
The incredible lack of detail and ridiculous claims in this answer is amazing. Almost as amazing as the fact that it was selected as the right one. – Breakthrough Jun 24 '11 at 15:09

There is a claim of a Linux keylogger that doesn't need root.

See this other question Linux keylogger without root or sudo! Is it real?

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