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Does anybody know of way to save changes history ?

In Wolfram Mathematica but also for other type of documents ?

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Maybe you should try using some sort of version control. Personally, I use git for most things now (including Mathematica notebooks). – Simon Jun 11 '11 at 12:03

You can find a complete answer over at mathematica.stackexchange

In summary any text source control will work about that same since mathematica's notebook file format is out side the working assumptions of all common source control systems.

Also pointed out as comment in the linked question:

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Mathematica documents are ASCII text files, so they are friendly to all version control systems like git, mercurial, bazar, svn, etc. I personally use and recommend git. One of its advantages is its fast performance which is important for the potentially large files that Mathematica generates.

Also you may be interested in when a particular cell was changed. Each cell contains a property named CellChangeTimes with that information.

Lastly, if you want a very simple solution is to store your file in DropBox, or. use a Mac with Time Machine.

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