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Can anyone recommend a plug-in, or modified HTML code that permits display of a PDF that I host on my website, but still keep sections of the web-page available for 1) navigation; 2) copyright/contact notices at page bottom; and 3) side-column for additional navigation?
A WordPress plug-in would be nice, but not essential.

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<embed src="path/to/file.pdf" width="500" height="700">

Obviously you should change the attributes so it shows the file you want at the size you want.

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You can use the embed tag. The process is explained in further detail here.

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It can't really be done without a specific plug-in (like those offered by, as browsers may be set up to open PDF in an external application. That would leave that portion of your page empty then.

See also Best Way to Embed PDF in HTML on Stack Overflow.

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You can also use iframe, but i don't think this would be a good choice for WP.

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