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Please find the scenario below:

I want to know from which country my application is getting called, which can be easily detected by the IP Ranges.

But for testing purpose I need to get the IP's from different countries. I know few features of Fiddler like auto responder.

But I want to know that how can I update the response before sending it to server.. by using Fiddler or any known tool.

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You can't (generally) change the outbound IP with Fiddler or another tool. You'll have to find an open-proxy in the target locale and use that to bounce your traffic. A few servers will respect an X-Forwarded-For HTTP header that specifies the target IP of your choice, but most won't.

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you can use this script under FiddlerScript tag to add XFF header for a given site. sXFFip = ""

if (sXFFip.length > 0) {
        if (oSession.uriContains("")) { 
            oSession.oRequest.headers.Add("X-Forwarded-For", sXFFip); 


This should append xff header with the one you declare.

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