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I need to provide an accessible way for blind users to upload lots or small - or single large - files to me. I can't find an ftp client that can be easily preconfigured for each user, so mapping a network drive location to ftp seemed to be easiest.

Easy via the GUI of course, but the GUI new share wizard doesn't help blind people, even with screenreaders.

I thought I was close with the MS net commands, and this Superuser answer mentioning pushd which is new to me and potentially useful, but I can't seem to marry the whole lot up.

In short, it needs to be as simple as possible for a user, logged into the web page (which knows their ftp details) to be able to click link, download app, and press "go" to upload all files from a certain folder to the ftp server using their login. The more accessible the better. Thanks.

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Windows doesn't support mapped network drives to external FTP locations.

A solution is a client application which connects to the FTP an uploads the files. You can try searching for a third-party app, but most of them use a GUI. For your needs you will most likely need to write an application yourself.

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Apologies - my terminology was incorrect. I mean "network location". Because I think of them as drives, I just put that. Sorry! – talkingnews May 27 '11 at 13:11

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