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My father in law can't connect to I looked up that site's IP, and using that (, we were able to access the website. His laptop runs on windows vista. We tried all three browsers – IE, Firefox and Chrome. Same thing. The browser can only connect using the site's IP address.

What complicates matters is that he is based in italy and I am in NZ. His laptop's system language is in Italian, making it hard for me to check things using TeamViewer. I checked parental controls (translating every word in Google as I looked around), and did not find any site blocked from there. I followed these instructions and I was able to get the site's IP address and connect to it.

Except for, the guy's laptop can access all other websites.

What should we do?

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Can he access the site using a proxy server? – AndrejaKo May 28 '11 at 9:04
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If the site is accessible through IP, but not the domain itself, this is probably because

  • the ISP blocks the domain (unlikely)
  • the DNS server your father in law is using has some hiccups

Try changing the DNS server addresses specified in the internet connection to either

  • Google DNS:, or
  • OpenDNS:,

There are a couple of other free DNS services, but those are the ones used by most, I guess.

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thanks for your help! – Jim Syyap May 28 '11 at 22:39

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