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I have data that I want to import in excel. It's phone numbers from multiple country. For example: David France 0145535663 Luis Spain 62333331 Mike USA 5465555112

The numbers have different length so I cant configure a special format in Excel :( and I need to keep the "0" in front of the numbers of some country.

Do you know an easy way to do that in Excel 2010?

Thank you so much by advance

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The simple way is just to precede the numbers with a single quote - '. This will turn them into strings which won't get the leading zero stripped off.

You can also format the cell to be a string rather than a number.

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Is there anything which prevents you to format the column with the phone numbers in "Text" format?

  • Right click Column, Format Cells..., Select "Text" in "Number" tab

Phone numbers are usually not used in calculations and often referred to as text strings.

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