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Is there a keyboard shortcut to bring up the calendar in Windows 7? I am referring to the calendar that is displayed if you click on the date-time display in the system tray. If that is not possible, is there any trick to display any calendar (with current date highlighted) with a keyboard shortcut?

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Write this AutoHotKey script:

!d:: send #t{tab}{tab}{left}{enter}

Now Alt+D will open the date/clock window.

If you dont know what Autohotkey is, just google it, download it, open a notepad document, insert the script line and save the file. rename it as filename.ahk . the file logo will become a green H. Double-click it. The logo will appear in the right hand task bar icons, and the script should work. To change the hotkey, exchange ! for #,^, or + for Win, Ctrl, or Shift, respectively (or keep ! for Alt). And change the letter if you want. Or learn about AHK and do anything you like:)

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I could not find any direct way to do this. Instead, I added the Calendar gadget in Windows 7 and created a AutoHotKey script to show or hide Gadgets (and thus Calendar) whenever needed when a keyboard shortcut (Win+G) was pressed. The AHK script to do this can be found here and more details on it here.

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You can bring up the "Date and Time" window, which comes up when you click on the "Change date and time settings...", with a shortcut key by doing the following:

  1. On the desktop (or any folder) right-click an empty location and click "New", then "Shortcut".

  2. For the location type timedate.cpl. Click "Next", enter any name you prefer. Then click "Finish".

  3. Now right-click the new shortcut and select "Properties". In the "Shortcut key:" text box type any key you would like for the shortcut.


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