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I am not sure but I can't seem to turn on my webcam to record videos which I would broad cast somewhere later on. I have a HP G62 Laptop, and the cam turns on when I use programs like Skype and other Video Calling clients, other wise I can't turn it own, as I don't seem to know how.

Laptop: HP G62 Notebook PC, AMD Atholon II P230 Dual-Core, Windows 7: Home Premium

Can some one tell me how do I turn on my webcam and record videos? Or is there some sort of a software?

I tend to read stuff I wrote in Word, so if there is a program I need it to be in the tray dock and not to bug me, while I am moving between different documents/web pages.

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There is Windows' very own Movie Maker which can record from cam. Just press CTRL+R. Another better option is to use the free program, Camtasia Studio, which has the option to sit in the taskbar and not bug you :)

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Ye i know about camtasia studio, but i dont think it can record from webcam ^^ – Nick May 29 '11 at 16:51
It's called Cam tasia for a reason. Any time it's used for recording the screen, they're just using it as a psuedo-webcam, basically. – Rob Nov 22 '11 at 18:24

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