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I've reinstalled my Fedora 15. I decided to keep my SSH keys, including Github key, so I won't have to generate new one. However, when I copied them back from NTFS partition to ~/.ssh directory, Github seems to not to recognize it's key:

[maciej@PC05 .ssh]$ ssh
PTY allocation request failed on channel 0

Then SSH quits.

Github key is named id_rsa (I have few SSH keys used for connecting with different hosts; secondary question: is it a good practice?). I've added it (ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa; I had to fix permissions first), however it hasn't fixed the problem.

I've also had problems with generating SSH key to connect with my laptop using Seahorse, however I was able to deal with it by using CLI instead and I don't think this issue is linked to my problem.

So, should I generate new SSH key, or can I fix this one somehow?

I'm also going to reinstall Fedora on my laptop - can I just move whole .ssh directory to NTFS partition and link ~/.ssh to it to (my NTFS setup allows me to use privileges, so that's not a problem)? Will it let me avoid this problem?

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1… ... you should not necessarily need to recreate keys. – James Kingsbery Jun 2 '11 at 21:27
That actually helped. It was about permissions stuff, it seems like I haven't fully fixed them. Would you please post it as a answer so I can accept it? – Dr McKay Jun 8 '11 at 6:29

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