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I have six small clips (.wmv) inside a PowerPoint 2007 slide (for Windows). If I set all the videos to play automatically only the first one starts playing.

Any ideas how to make them play simultaneously?

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In the Animation tab, select Custom Animation. Select all your videos, and choose Add Effects -> Media (something similar) -> Play.

Once you see the play animations in the animation pane, select all of them, right click, and choose With Previous in the menu.

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Thank you for the answer! Will try it out. :) – user649482 May 30 '11 at 0:55
Actually this is NOT entirely correct. It will work ONLY if autoplay is selected and all animations will stat playing start when the slide is changed. I noticed that sometimes removing and then re-adding the animations may fix some problems with Powerpoint 2013. – Bogdan May 31 at 0:26

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