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Possible Duplicate:
Switching between search engines in Firefox search box quickly?

I know that if I hit ctrl + K the cursor jumps to the search box. However, I have a number of search engines I use fairly frequently, and the one I want is never the one that's selected.

Is it possible, without switching to the mouse, to rotate between the various search engines I have installed? (It's Firefox 3 on Windows, if that's relevant.)

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Go to the search field, then you're able to switch by holding down Alt and pressing or .

You can even type the first letter of the search engine you want and it is automatically selected. For example, Alt- and then W results in Wikipedia being selected.

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I have just confirmed that this also works on Windows. – Matrix Mole May 29 '11 at 22:41

Aside from the answer provided by slhck, you could also use an extension. I personally prefer the vimperator addon to Firefox. It gives vim like key bindings to a large portion of Firefox's interface so that I hardly ever have to reach for the mouse for web navigation.

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As an alternative technique, have you considered searching using Smart Keywords? For example, you can search for socks on Google by just going to the address bar (Alt+D) and then typing g socks. To search Bing instead of Google, do the same and type b socks. You can easily set up Smart Keywords for almost any search engine or website with a search service.

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