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Every time my scheduled backup runs, it spikes my CPU usage up to 100%, literally freezing everything else I'm doing. It is only during the 'Compressing Backup Database' part of the backup process that the CPU usage is like this.

Is there some way of throttling the CPU that JungleDisk will use for its compression process?

The current process I have with my backups are that they run frequently (every 15 min), that way it need only upload a megabyte or so each time. I don't want to lower the frequency, as the machine is only on while I'm working on it, and even then I don't have internet access 50% of the time. I'm running this off a 32 bit Windows XP Virtualbox machine.

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I emailed their support and got this answer:

Unfortunately, this type of usage is likely due to the heavy usage of compression within our code base. We have a bug ticket open to address this type of usage in the next milestone release of Jungle Disk. At this time, we simply don't have a solution for the high CPU usage.

As a work around, you can switch your backup to a Legacy Backup. This would eliminate the compression that Jungle Disk is performing. However, note that a Legacy Backup does not perform any compression or de-duplication. In addition, you would need to re-upload your data.

Simply go to your Jungle Disk client configuration and define a Legacy Backup.

Seems to have been solved with a later version.

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