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Is it possible to set up a virtual machine so that I can run my development environment in Linux, but I get all the changes synced back to Windows? I can then use Visual Studio for editing the code.

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You can always use a shared folder that is mounted in your VM. For example, create a folder in Windows, share it using the virtualization software you have and open it in Linux. All your changes immediately affect the "real" Windows folder.

To give you a more concrete example, in VirtualBox you go to the settings of your virtual machine, then to shared folders. Here, create a shared folder that maps to some folder on your Windows drive.

In the Linux VM you first have to install the guest additions for Virtual Box. Then, use something like

mkdir -p /media/share
mount -t vboxsf <sharename> /media/share

where <sharename> is the name you've given the shared folder in the VirtualBox settings. Every change you make to this folder in Linux will automatically be visible in Windows and vice-versa.

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